Blue Duck Mock Picks 11-21

March 30, 2009

11 Buffalo

Alex –  Aaron Maybin, OLB, Penn State

Reuniting Penn State teammates Poz and Maybin should serve the Bills fine.  Maybin could be an end, if he bulks up, or OLB as is.  Either way, this high-motor player will give the Bills lame defense a pass-rusher to add to Schobel.  He’ll be a terror off the edge for Dick Jauron with his high-end speed.

They could go also go guard or center here, but it was only a season ago that this offensive line was considered a solid unit.  They should be able to add depth later in the draft.  As for TE, I don’t think that they need to reach in a draft where quality tight ends should be available later.

Andy – Everette Brown, DE, Florida State –

Like many teams, Buffalo, is in the market for a player who can get pressure on the QB.   While many believe he may be too small and not quick enough to be a DE in the NFL, his combine #’s were solid enough to keep him from slipping down the board.

12 Denver

Alex – Everette Brown, DE, FSU

Denver will be going with a hybrid 3-4/4-3 with Nolan as defensive coordinator.  While Josh McDaniels saw the impact a inside linebacker can have on a team after watching Mayo dominate last year, his defensive line is by far the weakest link on this defense.  DJ Williams can play any position on the LB, and Jarvis Moss and Elvis Dumerville will try to transition to OLB since they are undersized to play end in the 3-4.  It’s doubtful both will be successful.  So the pick goes to the line, where Brown will be an impact pass rusher.  He can play end in the 4-3 and has a shot at sticking there in the 3-4.

Andy – Rey Maualuga LB USC –
No doubt that Mcdaniels is looking for his very own Mayo.  With a defense desperately in need of an identity, maulauga will fill that void, and excel in doing so.


13 Washington

Alex –  Max Unger, C, Oregon

They need to solidify the line.  They have a need at center and guard, where age is starting to set in.  Randy Thomas and Casey Rabach are getting old and were not consistently effective last year.   Unger can play either position, so drafting the versatile Duck gives the team a chance to evaluate which position he is best fit for.  He can take the year to learn under the veteran line, filling in if injuries or ineffectiveness hits.  There is a chance that they go QB here, but that would be a mistake.  This team will never improve with a carousel at QB.

Andy – Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi –
The Redskins need a big and strong OT to solidify that line.  What they should be worried about though is how terrible Jason Campbell is, and how long they are holding out hope that he turns it around.


14 New Orleans

Alex – Larry English, OLB, Northern Illinois

I’m not buying the running back talk making the rounds.  This is a passing team, and running backs will be available later in the draft.  There’s not a need to reach here.  The defensive line should be solid with Ellis playing a full year with Will Smith and Charles Grant rushing from the end positions.  Shoring up a weak linebacker corp is the biggest need.  Having kept Vilma keeps the middle solid, so moving outside is needed.  English is a strong, fast pass rusher who has questions about his coverage skills.  These will improve in time, as he was mostly a defensive end in college.  With a questionable defensive backfield, the need for a strong pass rush is key.  English is a sure tackler who can play the run and rush the passer.

Andy – Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State – 
 The Saints are in desperate need of any kind of defensive playmaker.  CB has long been a sore sport for New Orleans, and along with the signing of Jabari Greer, the Saints are going to make a serious effort to give Drew Brees a chance.  Maybe this year he won’t have to play out of his mind to keep his team in contention


15 Houston

Alex – Brian Cushing, OLB, USC

The talk of going for a running back with a high pick is foolish.  Slaton was a stud last year.  While there is a risk that a small guy like him will breakdown, there’s no need to overspend for a luxury like a number one running back. They can pick up a complimentary runner later on.  Houston has passed on “name” runningbacks in the past, and look how that worked out (see Bush, Reggie).

Cushing can play inside or out.  Inside should be filled for the next 10 years by Demeco Ryans, but filling the OLB spot is important to giving stud DE Mario Williams more single looks.  He was able to play all over the front 7 for Pete Carrol at USC and NFL scouts love versatility.  Plus, he can drop back in coverage on a tight end, which is important in a division where they face Dallas Clark twice a season, along with Tennessee’s duo of Crumpler and Scaife.

Andy – Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU –
Jackson will be a great fit here, and help by getting some focus off of Mario Williams.


16 San Diego

Alex – Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC

San Diego needs an inside linebacker and Maualuga is the best in the draft. He will explode through the line to blow up running plays and can drop into coverage with the best of them.  He made several big plays while at USC and deserves all the praise heaped on him.  He’s a SoCal guy and the perfect fit to fill the hole since Seau left years ago.

They could also go with Matthews, OLB, USC, to hedge agaisnt Merriman leaving in a year.  But that’s a luxury this hungry team can’t afford.  This is their last go around with LT and they need to fill holes before building depth.

Andy – Hakeem Nicks, WR, NC –
San Diego has long needed a legitimateWR threat.  Nicks is most likely best suited as a #2 WR, and the Chargers will gladly add him to a WR core whose depth ends at Vincent Jackson.


17 New York Jets

Alex –  Mark Sanchez, QB, USC

I don’t legitimately think Sanchez is this low of a pick, but I can’t see any of the other teams going for him early either.  If NY can afford to let him sit an entire season to learn, I think he will be a quality NFL starter.  He has great accuracy, above-average strength, and surprising mobility around the pocket.  Even if forced to play early, a strong possibility, I think he will be not flop.  They have a strong offensive line, good running game, and Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller catching passes.  If they can give him another target to throw to, I think he is worth starting from Day 1.  Rex Ryan saw Joe Flacco succeed with similar talent around him in Baltimore, so he won’t think twice about starting him.  The differences between Flacco and Sanchez?  Flacco played more, but Sanchez played against much stronger competition in a pro-style offense.  As long as they keep the underage girls away from practice, Dirty Sanchez should be a fine pick for a team in extreme need at the most important position.

Andy – Mark Sanchez, QB, USC –
Sorry Jets, count me among the many that do not believe you are content starting the season with Brett Ratliff and Kellen Clemmons. Though, as a Patriots Fan, I hope you’re serious.

18 Chicago

Alex – Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi

This is obvious after losing their two top tackles in the off-season.  Their best player is Matt Forte, and they need to give him room to work.  Oher is a punishing tackle who is having a great workout season.  In fact, the All-American prospect has a good shot of going in this year’s top 10.  This pick goes with what I’ve been saying all draft; when you have the chance to get a franchise tackle, you take it.

The only other choice here could be Darrius Heyward-Bey, who could help replace Bernard Berrian’s production, which was lost to Minnesota last off-season.

Andy – Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland –
Though I always think it’s important for a team to actually have a qb to throw the ball, Chicago is desperately in need of playmakers.  With blazing fast speed Heyward-Bey will help stretch the field and hopefully open up the Bears run game.


19 Tampa Bay

Alex – Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State

I think Raheem Morris is in love with this guy.  He coached Freeman in ‘06 at K-State and recently compared him to Big Ben.  The Bucs have absolutely nothing at the quarterback position and have obviously adopted a rebuilding approach.  With they way it stands now, they are a few years from seriously competing, so taking a building block at QB can’t hurt.  With that said, I’m not convinced this guy will pan out.  We always hear about the player with the strong arm and mobility, and this guy doesn’t sell me as a winner.  Having a coach who knows him already is a huge plus though, and if he’s still available, I don’t see Tampa passing on Freeman.

Andy – Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State –
A big reason for Kiffin getting the boot was his failure to develop a young qb, here is Raheem Morris’s chance.  He is also rumored to want to build the team the same way the Steelers are built, with tough players and a rough style.  Freeman has been compared to Roethlisberger by more than a few scouts.


20 Detroit (from Dallas)

Alex – Peria Jerry, DT, Mississippi

Jim Schwartz knows first hand the importance of an explosive force at DT, after having Albert Haynesworth anchor the Titans defense the past few years.   Detroit just traded Redding to Seattle and need the help in the middle.  As a senior, Jerry had 18 tackles-for-loss in the SEC.  He’s faced top competition his whole career and succeeded.  I’m making this assuming Schwartz is calling the shots, because he doesn’t seem like the type of person who would take the job and let them continue drafting poorly.  But this is the Lions, so there’s a huge risk they’ll screw it up.

Andy – Ebben Britton, OT, AZ –
It’s a tackle heavy draft with a lot of talented prospects.  Detroit will take the best available tackle here, knowing that if it passed on Stafford at #1, it might miss out on the top 3 qb’s by this pick. 

I know I’m giving a terrible team quite a bit of credit here, but hey it IS a mock draft.


21 Philadelphia

Alex – Eben Britton, OT, Arizona

Everyone has them going with a running back here, but with the loss of Tra Thomas, the age of Jon Runyan, and the uncertainty of what Stacy Andrews will give them, they need a tackle.  And given the run on tackles in this draft, the Eagles are going to grab a tackle and hope a running back is available later in round 1.  Somebody needs to give McNabb time to throw up in the pocket before intentionally grounding the ball.  Britton is a quality player who will have time to grow into the role of starting tackle while learning from Runyan.

Andy – Knowshon Moreno, RB, GA –
While Moreno and Westbrook kind of cancel each other out at this point, Moreno will be a great eventual replacement for the oft injured Westbrook. 



UCONN v. Missouri

March 28, 2009

Ugh oh, Mark James is going to be pissed.

While I usually dislike in-game updates, I really don’t like D-Bags knockin’ our shit.  So this is for you Mark, eat it up!

UConn goes up 2-0 with 19:42 left in the first half.  I smell blow out.

UConn up 15-6 with 15:27 left in the first.  Dunk, nasty.

AJ Price scores last basket of the first half, UConn leads 44-38 after one.

UConn is 5.5 pt favorites.

Thabeet, I’m talking to you when I say keep up the W-O-R-K.  You’re trying to make me million’s here.  I’m speaking English, not Swahili, I know you understand me.  Let’s go UConn.

And Mark James? Tell me how my blog tastes!

Joba Chamberlain’s Velocity Still Down

March 28, 2009

Baseball scouts are worried about Joba’s velocity on his fastball.  Topping out in the 92-94 mph area throughout spring training, though he has consistently been in the 98 mph range the past 2 seasons.

I really can’t believe this is news.  He’s missing 4-6 mph off his fastball in spring training.  The kid is stiff so what?  I’ll worry when I start seeing him rub his elbow and cringe in pain.  More newsworthy is the fact that he’s a #5 starter for the Yankees, when he is a complete stud.

I’ll take Chamberlain as my #5 over Masterson or Buchholz any day.

Uconn VS Purdue

March 26, 2009

Is there really any way the Huskies lose this game?

No Chance.


10-2 Uconn with 16:29 to go in the 1st half.

Is it too soon to declare purdue is out of the tourny?

I should be finishing my mock right now, but instead I’m watching Stanley Robinson put on a clinic in the first few minutes of this game.


14-3 14:15 to go in the 1st. 

Purdue shooting 1-10 after bricking 2 awful 3 point attempts.


16-8 11:28 

Purdue made a couple of baskets, but it still doesn’t look like they belong on the same court as Uconn.  Thabeet with the NASTY block, go figure.


17-11 9:10

Thabeet trying to post up 4 Purdue players, loses it.  Come on big man, we all know you can’t dribble, just lay it in.

25-16 6:26

Austrie hits a couple 3’s in a row, where has he been lately?


26-18 4:30

Robinson goes for the nasty dunk off the inbounds pass…and it goes through his hands.  I also nearly threw up when AJ Price put up a terrible shot and the announcers said he doesn’t do that often.

Are you serious?

26-23 4:05

Heres the d plan for Uconn, cover this hummel kid, god damn.  Ugliest 15 points I’ve ever seen.


30-25 at the half

Absolutely awful offense by Purdue.  Uconn cooled off significantly after their run at the start, and Adrien is unable to hit any jumper from the freethrow line, its pathetic.  Uconn better wake back up, Purdue should not be in this game right now.


36-31 15:00 2nd half

More of the same from Uconn, thus far pretty disappointing start.  Thabeet is a rebound machine though.

42-31 13:37

Uconn waking up again.  Hopefully it’s time to pull away in a game that shouldn’t be this close.

42-37 12:10

And Purdue is back again, Uconn is really lazy when Purdue gets a fast break opportunity.  They jog back automatically assuming there is no chance.  It just caused them to give up a 3.  Play the damn game.

57-49 4:00

This game seems to be out of reach for Purdue, but this has been a disappointing game for Uconn.  After 2 great games to start the tourny, this has brought my expectations down to earth.

61-51 2:19

And now it’s time to just run the clock out and look to the next round.

72-57 :30

72-60 Final

Uconn really controlled this game from the start, with quite a few times where they let the game back in Purdues hands, though they were never really in danger of losing.

Somebody forgot to throw a punch

March 26, 2009

I saw this video on another site, titled as “The worst hockey fight ever”.

I agree.  But it also reminds me of 2 people playing nhl 03 on PS2 and not knowing which buttons to use to actually fight.  So you just dance around each other until the game loses respect for you and changes scenes.

P.S. what is the name of the background song? it’s classic and I want to download it.

The Blue Duck Mock

March 26, 2009


1 Detroit

Alex – Jason Smith, OT, Baylor

No QB you ask?  It’s a sure way to waste money and guarantee a failure without a line to protect them.  Smith is one of the top tackles in a very deep draft.  But this is supposed to be the last tackle-rich draft in a while.  Smith is very athletic and strong.  He’ll help protect whoever is quarterbacking for the Lions in ’09.

Remember, they have another pick in the first round that could be used on a QB depending on how the draft shakes out, along with possible trade and free agents available.  Jim Schwartz came from a disciplined system in Tennessee that preached strength along the lines.  If he has any say on this pick, it will go to offensive tackle.  He saw first hand in Tennessee that you don’t need an above average quarterback if you have a great line.  But then again, this is the lions.  Is Charles Roger’s still available?

Andy – : Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia

This was a seriously tough choice for me.  While I believe Stafford has all the tools to be a great QB, how much use will those tools be behind a porous o-line?  I think Jason Smith the OT out of Baylor would be the better and safer choice in this spot, but this is the Lions we are talking about.  The 0-16, worst season in the history of the NFL, Lions. Yah, enough said.

Ben –

2 St. Louis

Alex –  Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia

Spagnuolo is a defensive minded coach, so B.J. Raji or Curry are also possibilities here.  But after investing quite a few 1st round picks on defense in the past few years (Chris Long, Adam Carriker) and releasing their stalwart LT Orlando Pace, they NEED to go tackle here.  Lots of sights have them going defense or QB here, but I don’t think it will happen.  Granted, Bulger has underperformed the past couple years and is showing signs of Carr-itis, who is to blame?  The line!

I still think that as long as Bulger isn’t suffering ill-effects from the beating he’s taken, he can still be an above average QB.  And given their division, they have a shot if they can keep him upright.  Monroe is a skilled lineman they can slot into the LT position for the next 10 years.  It will help both Bulger and Steven Jackson.  You’re paying both these guys alot of money, spend a bit more to give them the protection they need to earn that cash.

Andy – : Jason Smith, OT, Baylor

In a move that illustrates that MAYBE the Rams have an idea what they are doing, they released Orlando Pace in a very top heavy offensive tackle draft.  The new staff will surely look to inject youth into one of the most important positions that is often overlooked by perennial bottom feeding teams (see Detroit above).  They will be thrilled to find Jason Smith here, though Monroe out of Virginia is still a legitimate pick.

Ben –

3 Kansas City

Alex – B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College

Quick, who is 6’2″ and 325 lbs and the most important player on the Patriots defense?  Vince Wilfork.

Raji, 6’2″ and 337lbs, is in the same mold.  Pioli, a Belicheck deciple, realizes that the most important position in the 3-4 defense the Chiefs are implementing, is the defensive tackle.  They need a big, strong body to occuply blockers for their linebackers to make plays.  This will allow them to shift Glenn Dorsey to end, which will allow him to use his speed to rush the QB better and make plays on the runner.

Todd Haley is an offensive coach, and he’s got the foundation of a solid team on that side of the ball.  So the pick definitely goes to defense, and its not often you can pick a solid nose tackle that can transform a defense the way Raji can.

Andy – Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest

This could be the biggest no brainer choice that I will make in this draft.  With the new Pioli led regime in place, I have no doubt that the focus here is defense.  The offense, has the potential to be potent, and I believe will surprise a lot of people this year with their explosiveness.  The defense, however, leaves a lot to be desired.  Having Curry learn the ropes from a player, who many consider the epitome of a “team player”, in Mike Vrabel is an ideal situation.  Curry has a lot of potential and having the ability to learn under a player like Vrabel is too great of an opportunity to pass on.  This defense needs Curry.

Ben –

4 Seattle

Alex -Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia

Ideally, I would trade down if I was them.  But nobody wants a top 10 pick because of the money owed to these players. They filled their DT need with the Redding trade.  They do have needs at OLB and Safety.  Curry and Orakpo are available, and there is no  defensive back worth a pick this high.  This is a LB-deep draft, so I’m going with a QB of the future.

Stafford has the “tools” you look for in a QB.  He’s strong, tough, and can make all the throws.  But he is too raw to succeed if forced to play quickly in the NFL.  This is the perfect situation for him.  He can learn from  a very well coached QB in 34 year old Hasselbeck for a year or two.  He’ll learn how to hit the crossing pattern to Houshmanzadeh that he would struggle with early in his career.  Seattle fans might not appreciate this pick in ’09, but when Hasselbeck breaks down in a year or two, they will be happy to see this guy under center.

Andy Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia

While I could very easily see B.J. Raji the DT out of BC going here, or even Stafford(how old is Hasselbeck?  Between the bald head and back problems, I’m uncertain if he’s in his 30’s or a 60 year old man who has falsified his birth certificate, someone needs to run with that).  The way the picks have fallen for me however, there is no way Seattle doesn’t take the 2nd best tackle in the draft at #4.  Monroe is slightly less valued than Jason Smith, but not enough so where this talented, but underachieving team does not take him here.

Ben –

5 Cleveland

Alex – Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forrest

The Browns have more needs than they should.  This team imploded last year, and its unfortunate.  They had talent, but couldn’t manage it.  Now they don’t have an established QB, lost an All-Pro TE, and might lose a star WR.  But Mangidiot’s pedigree is defense.

Curry appears to be the player Vernon Gholston was supposed to be.  A great workout player and the way Curry performed in college suggests it will translate to the field.  He can play all the linebacker positions, and rush the QB.  He’ll complement Wimbley as a bookend rusher.  Despite all the deficiencies the Browns face in the secondary and the uncertainties on offense, this is the correct pick to help stablize the franchise.

Andy – Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas

Look for Cleveland to pick up a solid talent in Orakpo to shore up a weak pass rush, and hopefully help out a defense that has been nothing better than average for a few years.  Scouts have concerns over Orakpo’s durability, but Orakpo surely would have concerns about playing for Mangina, let’s call it even and move on.

Ben –

6 Cincinnati

Alex –  Andre Smith, OT, Alabama

Offensive Tackle need? Check

Talented tackle available?  Check

Character issues? Check

Sounds like Smith is the perfect recipe for Marvin Lewis and the Bungles.  After losing Stacy Andrews to the Eagles, they need somebody to protect Carson Palmer.  Smith is very talented, if his head is on right.  That’s a big question with Smith, but Marvin Lewis and Paul Brown think they can mentor him into a good person, just like Chris Henry, Odell Thurman, etc.  Good luck Bengals fans…

Andy – B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College

I could hear Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown crying a little when Seattle took Monroe off the board.

They need an OT to protect Fitzpat… hey wait a second, they have a pro-bowl caliber QB in Carson Palmer, who has been completely incapable of staying healthy behind an awful offensive line. That doesn’t mean that they should reach and take the 3rd best tackle with so much talent left on the board at other need areas. Raji is a (massive) force at DT.  He is the only DT in the draft that sports pundits seem to agree is elite at the position and should help solidify a weak defense.

Ben –

7 Oakland

Alex – Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri

I’ll climb on the bandwagon of “experts” making this pick for Al Davis.  Maclin has the necessary game-breaking speed to make Davis cream himself.  He can dominate from the returner positions, and begin to grow into the role of number one receiver for JaMarcus Russell.  He’ll be able to contribute right away, because his speed will allow him to get open deep for Russell’s canon.  After generating 2,833 all-purpose yards at Missouri this year, you cannot argue that he will be a player in the NFL.  Crabtree, if healthy, would have been the pick for the Raiders.  But Davis loves seeing speed, and Maclin’s the pick.

Andy Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

This pick goes against the 3 commandments I’ve remembered from church.

1. Though shall not steal.

2. Though shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife.

3.  Al Davis will only draft a player with a quick 40 time.

Well, this year is the exception.  Crabtree is a phenomenal talent and as old and senile as Al Davis is, he will not pass on Crabtree regardless of the lack of 40 time.

Ben –

8 Jacksonville

Alex – Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

Matt Jones, Ernest Wilford are just a couple of examples of the failure the Jags have had in drafting WRs.  With Mike Walker, Dennis Northcut and Troy Williamson rounding out a terribly uninspiring corp, Crabtree is a no-brainer.  He’s big, strong, and sure-handed.  He can make the catch in traffic and is a great red-zone threat.

I don’t buy the Sanchez talk, as Garrard just signed a large contract a year ago.  While he had a terrible year last year, so did Fred Taylor and MJD, who averaged career lows in YPC.  This can be attributed to a line that was decimated my injuries last year.  With key players coming back, this team would be best served bolstering a need position.  With an above-average defense, this team can rebound to respectability with a sure-fire NFL receiver like Crabtree.  He’s the most talented player in the draft, and getting him at 8 is a steal.

Andy : Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri

The Jags are in need of a playmaker at WR (maybe Matt Jones will finally have his break out year…on the local prisons football team).  Garrard got the extension and money he was looking for, and then proceeded to have a terrible season.  While I don’t believe Garrard is the answer for this team, he was lacking an offensive line after a multitude of injuries, it is probably just a little too soon to give up on the QB that you thought was your future.   He still completed a high percentage of his throws last season (62.6%), and was being asked to do a lot more, with no running game around to hide his flaws.

Maclin will give the Jags and Garrard the threat they need out wide.

Ben –

9 Green Bay

Alex –  Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB, Texas

With a switch to the 3-4 defense, the need for a pass rusher is big for Green Bay.  He can become the bookend needed for Kampman at OLB, with ugly AJ Hawk moving inside.  And instead of being forced to come off the field in the sub-packages, he can stay at LB to provide a pass rush with Kampman moving to end to provide more pressure.  The key to a successful 3-4 defense is versatility, and Orakpo provides it.  The only other pick that would make sense here is Jenkins from Ohio State, but I think GB can pick up a solid defensive back in round 2.

Andy Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State

Dom Capers’ is changing the packers defense to the 3-4 which makes the need for a pass rushing LB/DE opposite of Aaron Kampmann very pressing.

The packers will seriously look at the supreme talent of Malcolm Jenkins at CB for an eventual replacement for the quickly aging Woodson and Harris.  However I think need outweighs convenience here and they take Maybin with this pick.

Ben –

10 San Francisco

Alex –  Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State

He is the top-rated defensive back in the draft.  I say defensive back because there isn’t a consensus around the league about whether he will be able to stick at CB in the NFL.  That’s fine, because they have Nate Clements to hold down the number one CB position.  Jenkins can easily play number 2 on this team, and if not, they have a need at safety.  He’s got great ball-skills.  The only question is elite speed.  Whichever position Jenkins fits at should be fine for this team, they have needs at both spots.

If Andre Smith falls down here, I’d say he would fit.  Except for the fact that Singletary is strict coach, who demands maximum effort from his players.  And that’s a knock on Smith, from his days in Alabama.  And we all know, how the coach feels, “We cannot make decisions that cost the team, and then come off the sideline and it’s nonchalant. No. … I’d rather play with 10 people and just get penalized all the way until we have to do something else rather than play with 11 when I know that right now that person is not sold out to be a part of this team.”

While I’m sure Singletary has since learned that there is no penalty for playing with too few players, I don’t think his QBs would agree with a 4 man line.  Come to think of it, with his knowledge of the rulebook, maybe they should trade this pick for McNabb.  They could really put some wrinkles into the gameplan by going into overtime with 10 men on the field.  Coach will be giddy when they don’t get penalized, and after losing, Donovan will never have to admit to not knowing the game could’ve ended in a tie.

Andy Andre Smith, OT, Alabama

Andre Smith has been under intense scrutiny ever since he made the mistake of running the 40 with his shirt off.  However, his flabby physique should not make SF forget the immense talent that he has.  Not taking him here would be a mistake, as he could play opposite of Joe Staley and instantly solidify an otherwise questionable line.  Another possible pick here is Mark Sanchez, as a Shaun Hill and Alex Smith tandem at QB isn’t striking fear into the hearts of many…other than 49er’s fans of course.

Ben –