Uconn VS Purdue

Is there really any way the Huskies lose this game?

No Chance.


10-2 Uconn with 16:29 to go in the 1st half.

Is it too soon to declare purdue is out of the tourny?

I should be finishing my mock right now, but instead I’m watching Stanley Robinson put on a clinic in the first few minutes of this game.


14-3 14:15 to go in the 1st. 

Purdue shooting 1-10 after bricking 2 awful 3 point attempts.


16-8 11:28 

Purdue made a couple of baskets, but it still doesn’t look like they belong on the same court as Uconn.  Thabeet with the NASTY block, go figure.


17-11 9:10

Thabeet trying to post up 4 Purdue players, loses it.  Come on big man, we all know you can’t dribble, just lay it in.

25-16 6:26

Austrie hits a couple 3’s in a row, where has he been lately?


26-18 4:30

Robinson goes for the nasty dunk off the inbounds pass…and it goes through his hands.  I also nearly threw up when AJ Price put up a terrible shot and the announcers said he doesn’t do that often.

Are you serious?

26-23 4:05

Heres the d plan for Uconn, cover this hummel kid, god damn.  Ugliest 15 points I’ve ever seen.


30-25 at the half

Absolutely awful offense by Purdue.  Uconn cooled off significantly after their run at the start, and Adrien is unable to hit any jumper from the freethrow line, its pathetic.  Uconn better wake back up, Purdue should not be in this game right now.


36-31 15:00 2nd half

More of the same from Uconn, thus far pretty disappointing start.  Thabeet is a rebound machine though.

42-31 13:37

Uconn waking up again.  Hopefully it’s time to pull away in a game that shouldn’t be this close.

42-37 12:10

And Purdue is back again, Uconn is really lazy when Purdue gets a fast break opportunity.  They jog back automatically assuming there is no chance.  It just caused them to give up a 3.  Play the damn game.

57-49 4:00

This game seems to be out of reach for Purdue, but this has been a disappointing game for Uconn.  After 2 great games to start the tourny, this has brought my expectations down to earth.

61-51 2:19

And now it’s time to just run the clock out and look to the next round.

72-57 :30

72-60 Final

Uconn really controlled this game from the start, with quite a few times where they let the game back in Purdues hands, though they were never really in danger of losing.


3 Responses to Uconn VS Purdue

  1. bermanad says:

    Uconn is so predictable. They’ll go up 10, then let up on the gas and it will be a 2 point game.
    Then Calhoun calls TO, reams them, and they go up 12. In a minute or two, it will be a close game again…
    Unfortunately it’s the UCONN way

  2. andy3331 says:

    When Calhoun said Thabeet used to be the laziest player he ever coached he wasn’t kidding at all. Thabeet is so lazy on some plays. It’s frustrating.

  3. bermanad says:

    I’m trying to make you millions of dollars!
    It’s called W-O-R-K, WORK!
    I’m not speaking swahili, I know you understand English!

    Classic Calhoun.

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