Joba Chamberlain’s Velocity Still Down

Baseball scouts are worried about Joba’s velocity on his fastball.  Topping out in the 92-94 mph area throughout spring training, though he has consistently been in the 98 mph range the past 2 seasons.

I really can’t believe this is news.  He’s missing 4-6 mph off his fastball in spring training.  The kid is stiff so what?  I’ll worry when I start seeing him rub his elbow and cringe in pain.  More newsworthy is the fact that he’s a #5 starter for the Yankees, when he is a complete stud.

I’ll take Chamberlain as my #5 over Masterson or Buchholz any day.


One Response to Joba Chamberlain’s Velocity Still Down

  1. carebe01 says:

    BJ Ryan is throwing in the mid-80’s now. Maybe the next Trevor Hoffman, most likely the new Ken Caminiti

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