Jay Cutler to Chicago

It’s official, the Jay Cutler drama is officially over in Denver.

Per reports Chicago has given up this years 18th pick, a 3rd rounder this year, along with next years first rounder, along with Neck beard man err Kyle Orton in exchange for the highly touted (and extremely over rated) Jay Cutler and a 5th from Denver.

Denver easily got the best out of this deal.  They are getting rid of a whiny baby with extremely average stats (even considering he played in one of the worst divisions in football), and have plenty of draft picks for solid prospects and an OK QB in Orton for the time being.  Mcdaniels did not handle the situation too well, however he has more than made up for it with this haul.

As for BJ (baby jay) he will now be facing the Packers, Vikings, and Lions, 2 times a year each.  Though also not a very scary schedule, he also has  no weapons on an aging Chicago team.  He will learn very quickly how lucky he was to have Marshall and Royal, when he is trying to throw a jump ball to Devin Hester in the end zone.  I anticipate Jay Cutler being mired in mediocrity for the rest of his career until one day he will look back and wish he had treated this game like the business it is and not let his feelings be hurt.


One Response to Jay Cutler to Chicago

  1. tom cock says:

    sanchez to denver.

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