Blue Dock Mock 22-32

Finally the last piece of our mock.  Though there has been quite a lot of activity (the cutler trade and raji smoking the reefer) berman and myself have agreed we would not change our drafts at this point. 

There are scorpion bowls at stake here so this is serious business.

22 Minnesota

Alex – Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina

Their defense is top notch, and after missing on Troy Williamson and the jury still out on Sidney Rice, they need to give themselves one more weapon for an offense that has let the team down despite the presence of Adrian Peterson.  Whoever wins the “QB competition” (Sage, no doubt) needs another target to throw to.  If the passing game can become a factor, it will allow Peterson to run wild.

While there is risk that Nicks is already overweight and lacks top-flight speed, he has sure hands and had outstanding numbers for the Tar Heels.  His Junior season, he had 68 receptions for 1,222 yards and 12 touchdowns.  This is a high-risk, high-reward pick for Minnesota but I think it will pay off.

Andy –

Percy Harvin, WR, FLA –
Minnesota is in desperate need of a playmaker.  Harvin will provide that spark this team has been missing and immediately give Minnesota a threat other than ALL DAY Adrian Peterson.


23 New England

Alex – Clay Matthews, OLB, USC

With a need at the position and the family pedigree, Matthews is the pick for the Patriots.  Critics point to the fact that he didn’t start for the Trojans until the third game of this season, but that sort of stuff doesn’t bother Belicheck (remember a certain Trojan that didn’t start for them at all?  Bill does.)  Matthews only received one scholarship offer coming out of high school, and had to work hard to walk on at USC.  Belickheck loves hard workers more than he cares about statistics.  Matthews is a smart, sure-tackling prospect that will fill a need and contribute early in his career for the Patriots.

Andy – Clay Matthews, OLB, USC –
Though I could see Cushing or Laurinitis being the pick here, I’m going with Matthews.  Matthews has the bloodlines to be great, and most likely a more than adequate knowledge of the nfl ways.  Something Belicheck will love to work with.  The rumors regarding the steroid use could stir this up a bit, but I’m not buying it yet.



24 Atlanta

Alex – Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois

Freak of an athlete, just like his brother Vernon.  But like his brother, he might just be an athlete and not a football player.  He can contribute in the return games, and shows the ability to play a good corner.  Whether or not it translates to the NFL is the question.  Strong tackler who can become what DeAngelo Hall  was supposed to be, a shutdown corner.

The only other option here is if a tackle drops or possibly Brandon Pettigrew, the TE.

Andy – Brian Cushing, OLB, USC –
Loss of Boley and Brooking in the offseason makes this an easy pick for Atlanta.  However, Pettigrew could also be the pick here, giving Ryan an added threat over the middle. 



25 Miami

Alex – Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forrest

This senior is the career leader in interceptions for the Demon Deacons, with 21.  He’s an athlete that would fit in on a defense that lacks skill in the defensive backfield.  Parcells will like that he doesn’t just cover the pass, but will come up to stop the run too.  After having solidified the safety position, cornerback is the biggest need on this team, especially given the talent the AFC East has at WR.  If Miami wants to keep contending, they need to make a pick like this.

Andy – Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois –
The Dolphins would probably like to take a WR here but the value of grabbing Vontae Davis this late is too much to pass on at another very weak position for the over achieving Fins. 



26 Baltimore

Alex – Darius Butler, CB, UConn

While they have a need at WR, this division is based on defense.  He started for 4 years and is a ball-hawk.  He is fast and can make big hits, a staple of the Ravens D.  After losing McCallister and Rolle, the Ravens need to add depth to the position.  Butler will instantly start at nickel and could push Fabian Washington in a year.

Andy – Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers –
Baltimore is another one of many teams that need a solid WR.  Britt probably isn’t the playmaker they desperately need, but he will help improve a weak crop of wr’s that the Ravens currently have.



27 Indianapolis

Alex – Evander Hood, DT, Missouri

A continuous weak spot for the Colts defense, they need to address the defensive tackle position.  After giving up a league worst 167 yards per game and 5.1 yards per carry, Hood is a much needed pick.  He is a strong, physical tackle who can also help with the pass rush.

Despite the loss of Marvin Harrison, the Colts must address their defense and Hood is the perfect person to help.

Andy – Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss –
The Colts desperately need a run stopping DT.  Peria at this point in the draft is a great value for the colts and they will jump on the chance to draft him.  Though if gone, look for the Colts to spoil the golden boy (Peyton Manning) with one of the WR’s.



28 Philadelphia (from Carolina)

Alex – Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

They need reassurance behind Brian Westbrook, who hasn’t been able to hold up and is turning 30 this year.  While most people predict a bigger back to compliment Westbrook, I think the Eagles need to get his replacement.  Moreno is fast, able to hit the cut-back, and can catch passes.  The fact that he faced the nation’s top competition in the SEC ensures he’s ready to face the NFC East.

Andy – William Beatty, OT, UCONN –
Philly needs help on the line.  Andy Reid is doing his best to convince everyone that they are set with the moves they have made on the offensive line this offseason.  They however, are most likely a smoke screen.  This is a definite need area for the Eagles.



29 New York Giants

Alex – Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers

New York picks the hometown kid from Jersey.  The Giants have a good and deep defense, and despite the loss of Derrick Ward, have depth at running back.  With the uncertainty regarding Plaxico Burress, the Giants need to find help for Eli.  Since they can’t make him grow some balls, they can give him a big target to underthrow on the field.

At 6′3, Britt can give them the tall receiver they lost in Burress.  He’s a tough guy who can withstand a big hit, an important characteristic needed in the NFC East.  With his size, he is a red zone threat.  The Giants have to go receiver with this pick, but you can never rule out defensive line depth, where they already have 100 guys.

Andy – Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee –
This is a great value at this point for the G-Men who are always looking for a defensive playmaker.  Though I made this pick before they released Plax, and without a true #1 WR on the roster, I would not be surprised to see them grab a WR.



30 Tennessee

Alex – Percy Harvin, WR, Florida

One of the most explosive players in the draft, Harvin can contribute to the team in many ways.  The receiver corp is still weak, despite the signing of Nate Washington from Pittsburgh.  Washington is a deep threat, and they need a sure-handed receiver to do the little things.  Harvin does it all, making all the catches while still being able to go over the top.  The only question is if any of their quarterbacks can get the ball to him.

Also, he’ll provide them an explosive option in the return game, which they’ve lacked since PacMan made it rain.  The only knock on him is his size, which has caused him to get banged up in the past.  But Tennessee isn’t a pass-first team, so they can afford to take a risk on him.

Andy – James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State –
Laurinaitis plays with his heart on his sleeve.  The Titans organization loves that…unless it’s their franchise qb…and he’s threatening to kill himself.  They don’t like that.



31 Arizona

Alex – Beanie Wells, RB, Ohio State

I personally like Donald Brown more, but Beanie is the pick here.  Whisenhunt has been dying to have a strong, physical running game since he arrived a few years ago.  Edge already has his bags packed and we saw that Timmy Hightower is not the answer as the primary back.  Beanie was a physical player at Ohio State, sometimes so much that he got hurt more often than he should.  He doesn’t catch passes, but Hightower can pick up those responsibilities.  Beanie can give the Wiz the punishing, downhill runner he’s been craving.  In addition to his strength and toughness, he has top-end speed in the open-field.  It’s scary to think how good this offense could be with a good running game.

Andy – Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State –
Hightower is not the answer for the future, and it will be damn near impossible for the Cards to pass on Beanie at this point.  They have a lot of other need areas and would probably like to see a defensive playmaker at LB or DE fall to them, but the elite prospects at those positions should be off the board here.



32 Pittsburgh

Alex – William Beatty, OT, UConn

After losing Marvel Smtih to the 49ers, Pitt will draft for offensive line depth.  But I think Beatty can push Willie Colon or Max Starks for the job if they struggle like they have in the past.  Beatty was the key to the nation’s leading rushing offense at UConn in 2008.  Also a very good pass rusher, he will give the league’s most sacked passer more time make a play.  Although that doesn’t mean that Big Ben won’t keep holding the ball too long and getting hit.

Andy – Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest –
They need an OT, but after the large amount of OT’s that have already been drafted, I don’t anticipate Pitt reaching for one here unless it’s someone they really like.  Look for them to replace the loss of Mcfadden with a very physical player who fits well with the Steelers mentality.


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