Is A-Rod off the juice?

It’s been widely reported that A-Fraud has been rehabbing in Colorado after undergoing hip surgery right before the off-season.  We all know that Colorado is a safe haven for all womanizing athletes with rediculously low standards (see Kobe Bryant -> rapist).  And with A-Rod being dumped by the hideous Madonna and being outed by an aging madame, he did what he had to do, go to Colorado to “rehab”.

I find it hilarious that he is off in CO rehabbing while his team is training in Florida.  Most athletes rehab at their team’s facilities, but the Yankess want as little to do with the self-centered one.  The king of all things A-Rod, he had to get the spotlight back on him.  Most athletes would use this time to disappear to rehab their image as well as their injury.   Not A-Fraud, he had to pose for Details magazine, kissing his reflection and totally gaying-out.  The worst part is that nobody in the nation was surprised that he was flaunting his man-love for himself.

And that brings us to the picture above.  It would look like A-Fraud has been laying off the juice and drinking only water.  Boy he got slim didn’t he?  I dare any of you to say that isn’t him on first glance.  But it’s not, its SI Supermodel Noemie Lenoir who cut her hair recently.  I’m sorry, but I think she is twins with the Yankees third baseman, but she’s the less glamorous Rodriguez of the family.

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