It’s time for Jim Calhoun to retire

He has done a great job coaching this UCONN program, and putting it all together.

This years collapse however, just shows how overmatched he has now become.  Sure, they lost Jerome Dyson so that’s why a lot of people are going to overlook this horrific loss and say, well they did better than expected!   No I’m sorry, that’s not acceptable for a “legendary” coach.

UCONN entered the game against Michigan State knowing what to expect.  Michigan State is known to be a very physical team, with a strong team emphasis on rebounding.  Hm, sound like any other teams (PITTSBURGH)?  Jim Calhoun did not prepare his team for this game.  No one in the nation can dispute the fact that UCONN is a much more talented team, yet they are out of the tourney and get to sit and watch the game they should have been in.  So how did this happen?

A:  The loss of Jerome Dyson was too much to overcome.

Wrong.  They have been showing all season this team has too much talent to let that stop them.  Yet,  come time to put up, they fall short. 

B:  Jim Calhoun is no longer a great coach.

DING DING.  Absolutely right.  The distractions that the UCONN team faced this year, all stemmed from their “legendary” coach.  Be it how much money this fraud makes a year, his health and well being, his recruiting scandal.  It doesn’t matter.  HE was the distraction.  Not only did he serve as a distraction, or an excuse, for his immature team, however he did not get them ready for the big games.   Losing to Pittsburgh twice in the same season, when you are the team to beat, is not the makings of a great coach.  A great coach reads and reacts to what is happening.  Yet, both of those games they were overmatched physically and beat to the ball far too often. 

Not enough for you?  What happened vs. Michigan State?  The team had NO HEART. They got beat physically and mentally.  They didn’t play like they wanted to win that game.  They played like they were okay with whatever happened. You let your team dance around for 20 minutes in front of the camera like they just won the world series, when all they really did was clear the quarterfinals, and this is what happens to your immature program.  ALL THEY DID WAS MAKE THE FINAL FOUR.  BIG DEAL.  The team is already filled with extremely immature players, who know their lives have been gift wrapped for them.  You don’t let them take pride in the fact that they made the semifinals of a tournament.  You drive them for more.

You win that tournament and then you celebrate.   

Michigan State brought heart and determination.  They weren’t content with making the semifinals because they knew they weren’t supposed to be there.  They knew this was not their tournament to win, but they were going to win it.  Tom Izzo got them to believe they needed to win this for their state.  To bring joy to a state in economic ruin. 

That’s what Calhoun is missing now.  He doesn’t have the heart to convince his players that they are playing for more than popularity.  Calhoun is content to ride in the spotlight and let whatever happens happen.  He’s content to let the spotlight be on him, while his team falters in the big games.  He’s selfish and washed up.


This man has no heart

This man has no heart

It’s time for you to go Jimbo.  Not because of your health, but because the program shouldn’t be about you.


3 Responses to It’s time for Jim Calhoun to retire

  1. bermanad says:

    Wow, dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If Big Jim leaves, the program leaves with him. Players don’t come here for the campus, they come to play for Jim. These are good college players, they just came up short. Were they outcoached? Sure. Where they outhustled? Absolutely.
    But none of it means Calhoun isn’t a great coach.
    You’re underestimating the challenge in and of itself to get to the Final Four. That they came up short is disappointing, yes, but not enough to call him fraud.

  2. andy3331 says:

    HA. Typical big Jim follower.

    You really think recruits solely come to UCONN for Jimbo? Sorry, not buying it. His time has passed. He couldn’t get it done when it mattered most this year, and he was the center of attention all year. That is not what the program needs at all.
    Are recruits going to start going to Uconn to play football for Randy Edsall? No, they will go to play for UCONN because the name recognition the program is starting to gain.

  3. bermanad says:

    Yahoo! Corrects Duration Of Calhoun-Nochimson Call

    9:51 PM EDT, April 9, 2009

    UConn basketball coach Jim Calhoun and former team manager-turned-agent Josh Nochimson spoke for 3 minutes, 58 seconds in August 2007, not 58 minutes as Yahoo! Sports reported in March.

    Calhoun had 16 of the 1,565 combined cell phone calls and text messages UConn coaches traded with Nochimson from 2006-2008, according phone records Yahoo! obtained through Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Act. Yahoo! has posted a correction about the length of the 2007 call on its website.

    According to Yahoo!, most of the calls were related to the recruiting of Nate Miles, who was expelled last fall. The relationships between Miles, Nochimson and UConn are expected to be scrutinized by the NCAA.

    The August 2007 call from Calhoun to Nochimson came as Miles was attending Calhoun’s camp. At the time, Nochimson was working for former UConn player Richard Hamilton, who fired Nochimson last year after accusing him of embezzlement. Sources have said the call was about Hamilton, not Miles.

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