El Pato Azul Congratulates El Pato

The sweet swingin big Argentinian earned a big green jacket

The BlueDuck congratulates the big Argentinian duck on his Masters victory in an absolute chokefest today.  Angel, light one up, you deserve it.


3 Responses to El Pato Azul Congratulates El Pato

  1. Estela says:

    Congratulations to the Blue Duck for Congratulating El Pato. I like unselfish people.

    Way to go the Blue Duck (el pato azul)

  2. richard cranium says:

    give credit to kenny perry..he was gracious in his defeat, and even said that he wasnt good enough to be listed among the greats of golf, even the current ‘greats’. he also said that when it came to the clutch shots, you have to dig deep, and apparently he didnt dig deep enough…at least he didn’t whine, but took it like a man.

    • carebe01 says:

      Kenny Perry was a good loser, but he was still a loser. He choked earlier in the season at FBR too, but so did Charlie Hoffman and he managed to win a playoff. Kenny has the ability (13 tour wins) and I love the guy, but he should’ve won the green jacket. And the intimidating guys were gone. It was really just him, Angel, and puffy faced Chad Campbell on the last few holes, but Perry choked. He did take it like a man, and I’m sure it killed him to do that. Great guy, great golfer, still choked.

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