AC/Inter Milan Friendly Too Friendly

BlueDuck was in full effect on Sunday.  We went out in force to Foxborough, Mass to provide our readers with the most in depth, truthful, and semi-legitimate coverage available on the web.

Sure, we had media credentials and a photographer on the field, but did that stop us from tailgating, and somehow avoiding paying the recession-friendly $40 parking fee at Gillette stadium? Hell no.

We are above all, fans.  It was almost uncomfortable, as well as slightly obstructed (somehow AC/DC trumps AC Milan) sitting in the stadium press box.  It was hard to get a feel for a game that didn’t have much of a feel anyways.  So we checked out at halftime, and joined our colleagues in our rightful position, the third bowl.

Once out of the nicely air conditioned luxurious box we rejoined the sweaty, mostly drunken fanbase we had connected with earlier in the parking lot, and watched the last forty five.

The game itself was a disappointment.  The fans weren’t separated, the players not into it, and it had the feel not of a game between rivals, but of a spring training game between say the Royals and the Diamondbacks.  Most of the support around the pitch was for AC Milan, but no one seemed devastated by the 2-0 Inter victory.

Diego Milito, after beating Enyewu like a rented mule.

Diego Milito, after beating Enyewu like a rented mule.

The World Football Challenge was an awesome series of games, and obviously they were preseason tuneups.  So, it should not be expected that these guys go all out.  It was a chance for the American audience to see what good futbol looks like.  Something they rarely see from US teams, and even the US national team.

In the near future, BlueDuck will fly overseas to cover the club soccer teams, but until then, it will be impossible to get the real emotion brought out by the local supporters of these squads.  In the near future, though, so… keep BlueDucking.

Until then, friendly friendlies will have to do.

Thanks Gillette Stadium for treating us like the semi-legitimate media organization we are.

7 Responses to AC/Inter Milan Friendly Too Friendly

  1. Bethany Lepine says:

    I’m a tad offended by the picture caption. Gooch gave Milito a terrible angle and the keeper made a mockery of the save attempt. The blame goes to him. Not gooch.

  2. carebe01 says:

    Watch the clip again and tell me Gooch didn’t get beat. Milito started almost on the end line probably 20 yards from the goal. I agree the shot should’ve been saved, but you say, “gooch gave Milito a terrible angle” as if he got cut back on purposely. Thiaguinho even had to slide in and help out, but sorry for offending you, Bethany.

  3. Annarita says:

    Where do I find pictures of the fans? My daughter was photografed several times (she has a poster with”PATO TI AMO” but I cannot find pictures anywhere of the public.

  4. Justin says:

    Somehow not pay for parking? You’re welcome. Looks like my kneeepads came in handy once again!!!

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