I Would’ve Punched Him Too

Am I the only person who thinks that Byron Hout had it coming?

Put yourself in LeGarrette Blount’s shoes.  You just lost a game.  In Division 1A College Football that basically means, the dream is over, you are done, might as well go study or something.  You are angry about any loss, but first game of the season to a team maybe you thought you should have beat, you are devastated.  Then Byron Hout comes up to you, goes out of his way to get your attention, and says something probably not too bad, but enough to boil you over.

Blount ran for 1,000 yards last year, but one punch could derail his future.

Blount ran for 1,000 yards last year, but one punch could derail his future.

As this point, Blount stops and thinks if its worth it, and then I think he realizes how big a douchebag Hout was, turning to his friends and giggling at the comment he had just made, and Blount brings him back to reality, and the blue turf with a right that knocked the spit out of the sophomore’s mouth.

In watching the video a few times, I have to wonder what Hout said, because after the punch, his teammates did not jump in to go after Blount.  They all just sort of stand there.  Whether they were stunned, knew it was not worth fighting because they will face consequences, or just deathly afraid of LeGarrette Blount at that point, it made them come off as people who just do not like Byron Hout.

Even people who agree with me will say, “I’m not defending what Blount did,” but I am, I am defending what he did because there is no bigger dick move than kicking a dead Duck while he’s down.

Hey guys, whens the next Haleys comet?

"Hey guys, when's the next Haley's comet? "

Blount had a pretty rough game.  -5 yards on 8 carries including scoring 2 points for the other team.  So this guy is probably leaving the field just not wanting to speak to the media, and then Dbag Hout comes over, thinking about how many Natty Lights he can drink before he leaves the stadium tonight and thinks, “Maybe if I tap this guy on the shoulder and thank him for the safety he provided for us, I can bang a cheerleader,” and so he does, and a Duck punches a Bronco.

These are not professional athletes.  They are treated like them.  The NCAA uses their images for free and makes a ton of money off of them, but the players do not see much of it other than a bit of a stipend.  These are kids.  This is no different than something you would see at a Pee Wee game except without all the tears.

So everyone is biting both these guys heads off today, but just let it go.  Its funny, when you think of college, you think of immaturity.  You think of a period in your life when you were allowed to act like a complete jackass for 4 years, and basically see no consequences.  If you were a normal college student at a normal college, you saw countless fights five times as bad as this.  College was immaturity, and yet, football players, maybe some of the most immature people I knew in college, are held to this higher standard.

Everyone talks about how they love college football because the guys still play with passion.  They aren’t just playing for money, and then a guy acts on that, and all of a sudden he’s public enemy number one.

Suspend Blount a game and put some soap in Hout’s mouth, but don’t treat meathead kids like NFL veterans.

7 Responses to I Would’ve Punched Him Too

  1. andy3331 says:

    You’re an idiot.

    This kid all week has been talking about how much he is going to dominate in this game. He then proceeds to rush for -5 yards.
    You talk shit, don’t back it up and I’m sure he got called on it, and he sucker punches him. Yah totally understandable.

    No, absolutely pathetic of this kid. Not only did he sucker punch this guy, after talking up a ton of shit all week, he also was going off on his teammates and had to be dragged off the field.

  2. ted says:

    meh i thought it was a damn good punch..and it knocked the stupid look off houts face….

    he mouthed him, then ran and tried to hide behind the player and even the coach

    im glad he got knocked out

  3. carebe01 says:

    A few comments on your comment:

    First of all, as for talking shit before the game, Blount said something along the lines of, “we owe that team an ass whooping.” Big deal. That’s not even saying, “we’re gonna win.” It’s saying, “you beat the shit out of us before, and we want to win this time.” He was referring to cheap shots on a few of their players in past games.

    Also, I was defending his punching Hout, not necessarily his actions after that, but, in somewhat of a defense of that, he was not going after his players, as much as being restrained by them after being called the “N” word by a fan in the crowd.

    He’s already pissed off and upset about the game, then some guy talks shit, he punches him, he’s more upset now, probably disappointed in himself, and then somebody drops a racial slur on him.

    If you watch the full video, he was walking off, and seemed to be visibly upset, and then something set him off, and reports from local newspapers say it was a racial slur.

    This is a dumb kid, but this isn’t really that ridiculous of a reaction.

  4. andy3331 says:

    It’s a ridiculous reaction and you’re empowering the typical egomaniac sense of entitlement this kid had. He’s frustrated…because he played like shit. Someone else talks shit and that gives him a right to sucker punch him? Maybe in the streets it does, but not in collegiate football.
    This kid just threw away a chance to make a ton of money in the NFL and very well may not even get drafted anymore as NFL coaches are being forced to realize the importance of having players they can count on to not act like an idiot and cost their team to lose a player.
    I’m just glad his coach isn’t an enabler of childish behavior like you seem to be. He’s NOT a regular college kid, by any means. He was given an incredible opportunity and should have accepted the responsibility that comes along with it. Now he will back to flipping my burgers at Mcdonalds.

  5. jc says:

    boise did the ducks in last year in euguene. they def. did them again this year. they needed to win and they did it. taunting? why the f**k would you taunt at this point? because blount talks shit before a game? okay. taunt. why the f**k touch his pads? you can see his coach telling him to shut his damn hole because he knows shits going to happen on the field if he doesn’t. blount got what he deserved. he’s out. that was stupid stupid stupid decision. but yeah, hout’s a dumb ass and in my opinion he was asking for trouble. as far as i’m concerned both programs are no longer worth watching.

  6. Dan says:

    I think they should cut Blount’s suspension in half. It was a heat of the moment thing and Hout was asking for it. The whole racial slur thing is new news to me. Oregon should be looking into that because if it’s true, they should cut him some slack. It’s not 1955 anymore.

  7. andy3331 says:

    Cut him slack? You guys are unreal.
    Cut him some slack, and then he’ll be in jail in a year or less.
    The kid needs to learn how to control himself maybe he can spend his free time not taking what he’s been given for granted and be a gift to an nfl team that drafts him in the 5th/6th round next year as he will already have learned his lesson.

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