Blue Duck Sports – Week 1 NFL Betting Guide

September 5, 2009

In this tough economy Blue Duck Sports recognizes that you need to make every dollar work for you.

So I have compiled this week 1 betting guide for you to take advantage of that money that you were going to spend on corn flakes, but decided gambling is the smarter choice.  I know you will bet responsibly and with the understanding that Blue Duck Sports in no way takes any responsibility for the bets that you make…regardless if we recommended them to you or not.  Even if you were to attempt to hold us responsible, there is nothing of value we could offer you.  Except maybe an old used Toyota wagon.

The only combined possession of Blue Duck Sports.  Gamble at your own risk.

The only combined possession of Blue Duck Sports. Gamble at your own risk.

With that said here are my bets for the week with current lines off of

Steelers -5 vs Titans

Two defensive power houses to start the season.  I just can’t take the Titans seriously.

Vikings -4 vs Browns

The Browns are bad, I mean really bad.  I hate Favre, but all day A.P. could win this game by himself.

Jets +4.5 vs Texans

I like the direction the Jets are heading, and though I think they will still lose, I don’t think it will be by more than a field goal.

Colts -7 vs Jaguars

It’s tough taking a team to win by more than a full touchdown against a division opponent at any point in the season, but doing it for game 1 is insane.  So I do it anyways.

Saints -13 vs Lions

An offense that looks like it will be nearly unstoppable against a revised version of the worst team ever.  I will buck conventional gambling wisdom and take the Saints, the over looks tempting as well.

Buccaneers +5.5 vs Cowboys

Tampa Bay always looks like they won’t be good…and then surprise everyone.  I think the Cowboys win a close one here, and NOT because of Tony Romo.

Falcons – 4 vs Dolphins

Michael Turner and Matt Ryan vs Chad Pennington.  I’ll give those 4 points and consider it a steal.

Ravens vs Chiefs Under 37

Ravens defense is great but it will take quite a bit for me to believe Flacco is the real deal.

Bengals vs Broncos Under 43

I’m taking another under here.  While both teams defenses are pretty pathetic, I’m not completely sold on either offense either.  Look for either both teams to struggle to score, or both teams to score at will.  There will be no in between.

Cardinals vs 49ers Under 46

Again with the under bet.  46 is just a lot of points to combine on in the first game.  This is one I have a feeling I may regret however it’s been a few years since these 2 teams have put together more than 46 in week 1.  So I like the odds.

Redskins +6.5 vs Giants

I have no faith in the Giants.  Never mind them winning by nearly a touchdown vs a tough divisional opponent.  Just no faith in general.

Seahawks -7.5 vs Rams.

This is not a tough divisional opponent.  In fact, the Rams look to be the worst team in the NFL.

Packers -3.5 vs Bears

Packers are going to be a tough team to beat.  Congrats on Jay Cutler Chicago, but you aren’t winning this game.

Patriots -10.5 vs Bills

These are the 2007 screw the odds makers Patriots – reincarnated.  No hesitation here.

Chargers – 9 vs Raiders

To be completely honest, I’m really hoping for the Raiders to go 0-16.  Can you imagine what Al Davis will look like after an 0-16 season? Awesome.  Just awesome.

Lock of the week:

Eagles -1 vs Panthers

This line confuses me.  I see the Eagles as being one of the top NFC teams, and the Panthers struggling a bit.  Apparently Vegas disagrees and I will set this as my lock for the week.

No worries, I will keep track of my own record, so there is no need for you to follow along at home and mock my abilities.  This is week 1, probably the biggest crap shoot of the year, so let’s try and keep things in perspective.