More Games from Milton Bradley

Milton is a signing Jim Hendry almost instantly regretted.

Milton is a signing Jim Hendry almost instantly regretted.(AP Photo)

We covered the Jay Cutler saga in depth here at Blue Duck, and a new crybaby has risen in pro sports.  This time its in baseball, and its actually a repeat offender: good ol’ Milton Bradley.

Bradley had a career year last year,(surprisingly he had his career year in a contract year) and signed a big 3-year contract with the Cubbies before the season.  Things have not gone well in the Friendly Confines, though, since the genial Milton got there.

With Texas in 08: .321 BA, 22 HR...Cubs in 09: .257 BA, 12 HR...The Cause? Negativity

With Texas in '08: .321 BA, 22 HR...Cubs in '09: .257 BA, 12 HR...The Cause? "Negativity"

Bradley was suspended for the remainder of the season on Sunday after going after the Cub’s fans for basically the whole season.  Bradley has complained all season about overall “negativity” in Chicago, and said in an interview recently that he needed “a stable, healthy, enjoyable environment,” Bradley told the newspaper. “There’s too many people everywhere in your face with a microphone asking the same questions repeatedly.”

Well Milton, this is what you signed up for.  It comes with the 3 year, $30 million contract.  The big problem for the Cubs is that Milton is not Jay Cutler.  He is not coveted by any other team.  Milton is a 31-yr old, well documented virus who batted .257 with 40 RBIs this year.  The Switch-hitting rightfielder is capable of still being useful offensively, but hes no longer a risk to be an issue, he is a sure thing.

The funny thing is, Bradley actually hit better at Wrigley this year when he quit bitching long enough to swing a bat.  The Cubs are going to be stuck with this contract unless they find some other team willing to get stuck with Milt.

The real question I have is: what the hell happened last year?  Bradley managed to stay content for a full season and actually hit the ball well.  Dude had a .436 OBP last year, and has other years similar to that, but he is on his 8th major league team for a reason.

Unfortunately for Bradley, 8 strikes and you’re out.


One Response to More Games from Milton Bradley

  1. bermanad says:

    Nope, he’ll find a new home next year, assuming the Cubs pick up his contract.

    Just like Vicente Padilla, these cancers stay in remission long enough to get paid or find a new team.

    Put all these guys on the Nationals, make Vince McMahon the manager and watch the attendance trend upwards.

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