First MacGregor, now Evert

The Former Couple at the Open Championship in 2008.

The Former Couple at the Open Championship in 2008.

Chris Evert and Greg Norman announced their separation after 15 months of marriage.  The couple says they will remain friends and supportive of eachother and eachother’s families.

Greg had a spring in his step from his relationship with Evert in 2008 at the British.  The Shark almost became the oldest man ever to win a major, but fell short on Sunday.  The couple has a history of failed marriages, but they seemed to be made for eachother.

Its always sad to see old people break up.  Good luck to both of them, and hopefully this doesn’t get ugly.

One Response to First MacGregor, now Evert

  1. puttz says:

    What’s so sad about old people breaking up? Not to mention, who are you calling old? These two people are my age — though they certainly look more like my age than I do, owing I suspect to the difficulty of maintaining personal relationships when you have more money than God, or perhaps to excessive time in the wind and sun, or, in Chris Evert’s case anyway, having sex with Jimmy Connors with his mother watching. I imagine what happened is Norman moaned again about all the bad breaks he gets during the fourth rounds of golf tournaments, Evert told him to suck it up and play the ball where it lies, Greg rolled up into a fetal position, and Chris packed her racquet bag and left. I’ll betcha.

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