Miguel Cabrera: Worst Weekend Ever

Party Animal Miguel Cabrera looks to redeem himself Tuesday night.

Party Animal Miguel Cabrera looks to redeem himself Tuesday night.

On Thursday, Miguel Cabrera hit a single to right in the first inning against Scott Baker.  It would prove to be his last hit of the season, and the last bright spot in what would be a pretty rough weekend.  Cabrera proceeded to go 0 for his next 14, and left countless BlueDucks on the pond (so witty).

On Friday, Cabrera went 0 for 4 with a strikeout, and then went out and got hammered, allegedly with a player from the White Sox (I don’t mind players hanging out with the enemy, you don’t pick your friends).  There are a few issues here.  First and foremost, Cabrera came home and got in some kind of domestic dispute with his wife.  She called the cops and they took the big 26-year old to the station.  There were no real injuries except for a few scratches, but Miggy, we don’t hit girls.

The second issue, probably more important to Tiger’s fans, is the fact that Cabrera’s team could have clinched with a win on Saturday.  Instead, they were all baffled by Freddy Garcia.  It was a 7PM game, but Miguel was taken to the station at 6AM.  Rough day, but nothing sobers you up like a trip to the old barracks.

Miguel went 0 for 4 Saturday.  When asked about the scratches on his face Sunday, Cabrera said, “I’m focused on one thing, the game.”  he went 0 for 3 in their final game of the season.  Luckily the Tigers were sober enough to take that one, though, and Miggy gets a shot at redemption at the Metrodome.


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