About The Blue Duck

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Blue Duck was our project to pass the first grade.

We love sports.  Finally we have a place to talk about it.

Have a topic you want us to talk about?  Email us your ideas at blueducksports@blueducksports.com

About the Contributors:


This is a photo from my playing days in college.

This is a photo from my playing days in college.

Born and raised in Eastern CT (The poor side), Carebear was born with a love for sports, and an appreciation for fine wines and fine women.

Attended Gettysburg College where he played baseball… Biggest claim to fame is playing 3rd base for his entire senior season without once wearing a protective cup.

Carebear now resides in Dallas, TX where he is following his dream of getting a job.

Favorite Teams:
Hartford Whalers, New York Yankees, NY Giants, Philadelphia Flyers, Uconn Men and Women, Toyota Nascar drivers, Connecticut Sun?

Areas of slight expertise:
Major League Baseball, PGA Tour, LPGA, Uconn Men and Women

Areas I can make up stuff about:
NFL, NHL, Nascar, Soccer

Favorite Athletes: Paul O’Neill, Benny Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Walter Hagen, Tiger Woods, John Daly, John LeClair, Ahmad Bradshaw, Miguel Cabrera, Michael Young, Steve Smith, Robinson Cano, Jack Johnson, Paul Newman (He raced cars for fun, and he was the man), Brook Fordyce

Best Sports Memory: Scotty Brosius off of Byung Hyun Kim

Andy’s travels began on the western side of CT (the rich side?) and ultimately led him to the sunny shores of eastern CT.  Andy was also a resident of North Carolina for approximately a week before his love of ugly chicks and chinese restaurants brought him back north.

Because someone had to wear the suit.

Because someone had to wear the suit.

Currently residing in Colchester, CT where he is following his dream of drinking scorpion bowls and hitting on underage girls.
Areas of expertise:
Everything really, I pride myself on my ability to be right about everything, and If I’m wrong I’ll argue with you until it doesn’t matter anymore.

Things I don’t care about:
Nascar.  It’s really only cool if someone dies…sorry Dale.

Favorite Athletes:
Tom Brady

2 Responses to About The Blue Duck

  1. Common Sense says:

    dude you must be on crack.

  2. carebe01 says:

    and apparently I’m on crack

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