The Puppy Who Lost His Way by Tyler Hansbrough

September 23, 2009

The first time I saw this AT&T commercial I thought, “That’s kind of a stupid cute commercial, and hey, that ugly guy looks like Tyler Hansbrough.”

The second time I said, “Hey, that ugly guy is Tyler Hansbrough.”

I am all for finding dogs for sad little kids, but just tell me why Tyler Hansbrough is in this commercial?  Is he trying to break into acting?  Anyways. Here it is.

Blue Duck Happenings

September 16, 2009

Well in an effort to get more involved with our ever growing fan base we have a couple of things going on:

because even Blue Duck gets lonely

because even Blue Duck gets lonely

First we are going to be running a pro pick’em league on Yahoo.  Join in, embarrass us with your vast football picking abilities.

To join us go to:

Name of League: Blue Duck Pick ‘Em
Group ID #64754
Password: bigblueduck

By the end of the football season we hope to have Blue Duck T-Shirts ready to go and if that is the case, the winner will receive a genuine Blue Duck shirt or at worst an “I owe you”.

We’d also like to get a Madden 2010 league formed for xbox 360 or at the very least play a couple of games with our readers.
Feel free to add myself – FrostyMiniWheat, or Berman – ctownpats

Any suggestions about the site, articles you’d like to see, gratuitous comments, nude photos, please don’t hesitate to email us.  Except you, fat kid with the star wars t-shirt.