Onyewu is an embarassment

July 29, 2009
No really gooch, I think he was going to dribble back up the field too.

No really Gooch, I thought he was going to dribble back up the field too. Photo by Justin Libano (www.libanophotos.com)

As previously mentioned by my colleagues here at Blue Duck Sports, we had the privilege of watching some world class futbol this past weekend.  I’m fully aware this is just a preseason tuneup for the squads, but none the less it is a drastic step up from the level of play you’d catch in any MLS match… well, for the most part.

Much to my dismay I was forced to sit through a painful 64 minutes of watching #14 stumble around the backfield.  I realize I’m in the vast minority of those who believe Gooch is a pathetic excuse for a defender.  However I am also the first to realize that it is the typical American ego that is clouting the judgment of most.

The only reason Americans believe this guy has any talent is because he is AMERICAN.  The USA has had no success on a club level in Europe and as Americans we are constantly looking to show we are the best.  It’s that kind of pigheadedness that causes every other country to hate us.  Gooch will give them yet another reason to hate us.  His complete ineptitude on the soccer field.

Onyewu does not  look like he should be on the field.  I have never seen a more goofy or awkward looking player on the field.  He should be directing traffic on a city street with his 7 foot wing span, not embarrassing himself and his country on a soccer field.  The first thought that immediately comes to mind to illustrate this point perfectly:

USA vs Italy in the confederations cup.  The 2nd goal the Italians scored was a low shot to the right side of the goal.  The shot was not by any means a scorcher, however, Onyewu went out of  his way to try and clear the ball with his right foot when his left foot could have easily poked it away.  In the process his gangly body obstructed Howard from making the easy save, and when Gooch inevitably whiffed at the ball, it scooted into the corner of the net. Quality play.

Now back to the friendly between AC Milan and Inter Milan.  Onyewu once again looked completely lost on the playing field.  The first goal was Diego Milito pulling the simplest of cut back moves on the goofy Gooch.  Milito literally sold Gooch that he was going to just dribble the ball in the opposite direction of where he wanted to shoot, and immediately he cut the ball back and walked in for an open shot from the corner of the 6 yard box for the first goal of the game.  It was another absolutely pathetic display from Onyewu and most likely caused every AC Milan fan to hope their is some kind of return policy on garbage American players.

This guy is an embarrassment to US soccer both on the international level and now on a club level.  I have a feeling the Rossoneri will be calling for Gooch’s head on a platter before the end of the season.  He will single-handedly destroy any progress the US national team had made towards improving how other countries view our soccer ability.  That will not be his only legacy however, he will have the privilege of  attempting to quell the Milan fans who are already restless over the sale of Kaka to Real Madrid.   He signed only one day after outraged fans held a demonstration at a Milan training session berating the administration for trading one of the greatest players in the world.

Something tells me those are cleats that Onyewu won’t be able to fill…Even with his 6 foot 4 in 210 pound completely un-athletic body.

AC/Inter Milan Friendly Too Friendly

July 27, 2009

BlueDuck was in full effect on Sunday.  We went out in force to Foxborough, Mass to provide our readers with the most in depth, truthful, and semi-legitimate coverage available on the web.

Sure, we had media credentials and a photographer on the field, but did that stop us from tailgating, and somehow avoiding paying the recession-friendly $40 parking fee at Gillette stadium? Hell no.

We are above all, fans.  It was almost uncomfortable, as well as slightly obstructed (somehow AC/DC trumps AC Milan) sitting in the stadium press box.  It was hard to get a feel for a game that didn’t have much of a feel anyways.  So we checked out at halftime, and joined our colleagues in our rightful position, the third bowl.

Once out of the nicely air conditioned luxurious box we rejoined the sweaty, mostly drunken fanbase we had connected with earlier in the parking lot, and watched the last forty five.

The game itself was a disappointment.  The fans weren’t separated, the players not into it, and it had the feel not of a game between rivals, but of a spring training game between say the Royals and the Diamondbacks.  Most of the support around the pitch was for AC Milan, but no one seemed devastated by the 2-0 Inter victory.

Diego Milito, after beating Enyewu like a rented mule.

Diego Milito, after beating Enyewu like a rented mule.

The World Football Challenge was an awesome series of games, and obviously they were preseason tuneups.  So, it should not be expected that these guys go all out.  It was a chance for the American audience to see what good futbol looks like.  Something they rarely see from US teams, and even the US national team.

In the near future, BlueDuck will fly overseas to cover the club soccer teams, but until then, it will be impossible to get the real emotion brought out by the local supporters of these squads.  In the near future, though, so… keep BlueDucking.

Until then, friendly friendlies will have to do.

Thanks Gillette Stadium for treating us like the semi-legitimate media organization we are.

Confederations Cup Semi-Finals Keys To Victory: U.S.A. vs Spain

June 24, 2009
Soccer superstar or  Anime character?  You decide.

Soccer superstar or Anime character? You decide.

Okay, I realize I’m a bit late to the party here but at least I got this out a few hours before kickoff.

Today, the United States of America (U.S.A. if you’re into that whole acronym thing)  will be squaring off against Spain in the confederations cup semi-finals.  USA. is currently ranked 14th in the world with Spain ranked as the top team in the world.

In an effort to get this article out before kickoff I’ll make this short, which will be a relief to 99% of the readers who have read up to this far and probably have no idea I’m discussing a soccer match.

Keys to victory


–         Get the ball to Donovan/Dempsey in space.  These are the only players on the US team that can even compare in skill level to the Spanish team.

–         Do not force the ball to Altidore.  The Spanish have an extremely talented team.  They will cut Altidore out of the game if USA gets into its usual attacking style of kick the ball to him and running after it.

–         Play the quick attack.  This is by far the most important for USA if they are to have a chance.  USA cannot sit back and try and play possession.  They need to catch Spain off balance and not let them settle into defense.  USA pulled it off vs. Egypt and they will need to do it again today.


–         Play the ball through the midfield.  Fabregas will be able to move at will with the ball in the midfield.  This is an area of weakness for the US and an area of strength for Spain, leaving a great matchup to exploit.  Fabregas is arguably one of the top midfielders in the game right now, with the ability to create something out of nothing at will.

–         Possess the ball.  The disparity in talent between the 2 sides is staggering.  If Spain is able to sit back and play its classic possession style of attack, there will be no chance for the US to initiate it’s quick strike attack style.

–         David Villa is probably the 2nd best player in the world right now, and paired with Fernando Torres, makes this Spanish team able to score on any possession.  Get the ball to them and do it often.

My bold prediction:

3-0 Spain with David Villa, Carles Puyol, and Fernando Torres each scoring 1.