Blue Duck’s Athlete of the Week

May 27, 2009

Alyssa is Putting the Pavano Curse on Barry Now.  Whos next?

Alyssa has put the Pavano Curse on Barry Now. Who's next?

Barry Zito

Barry’s one of my favorite athletes of all time.  He is making a cool $18.5 million this year and continues to suck.  At this point he is one and five on the young season, and it actually has to be said that he is pitching better than his record would indicate.

So why is he the athlete of the week you ask?  I just like like to shed light on this guy once in a while because rarely does he get the credit he deserves.   If Zito was pitching in New York he would’ve been placed on the DL for no apparent reason (a la Chien Ming Wang) a long time ago.

At least Mo Vaughn was injured when he made his contract look like a complete waste.  Since signing the worst deal in baseball history, Zito is 22 and 35, and proves more and more everyday that a big loopy floppy curveball is only effective if you can still throw hard.  Apparently Bill Beane was the only person who realized Zito’s fastball is now big and floppy.

Runner up: Brandon Backe.

He was almost the athlete of the week solely for the headline:
“Backe Cleared in Galveston Wedding Fight.”

Its really not nearly as interesting as it sounds, but I still wish I was there for it.