Blue Duck Happenings

September 16, 2009

Well in an effort to get more involved with our ever growing fan base we have a couple of things going on:

because even Blue Duck gets lonely

because even Blue Duck gets lonely

First we are going to be running a pro pick’em league on Yahoo.  Join in, embarrass us with your vast football picking abilities.

To join us go to:

Name of League: Blue Duck Pick ‘Em
Group ID #64754
Password: bigblueduck

By the end of the football season we hope to have Blue Duck T-Shirts ready to go and if that is the case, the winner will receive a genuine Blue Duck shirt or at worst an “I owe you”.

We’d also like to get a Madden 2010 league formed for xbox 360 or at the very least play a couple of games with our readers.
Feel free to add myself – FrostyMiniWheat, or Berman – ctownpats

Any suggestions about the site, articles you’d like to see, gratuitous comments, nude photos, please don’t hesitate to email us.  Except you, fat kid with the star wars t-shirt.