Miguel Cabrera: Worst Weekend Ever

October 5, 2009
Party Animal Miguel Cabrera looks to redeem himself Tuesday night.

Party Animal Miguel Cabrera looks to redeem himself Tuesday night.

On Thursday, Miguel Cabrera hit a single to right in the first inning against Scott Baker.  It would prove to be his last hit of the season, and the last bright spot in what would be a pretty rough weekend.  Cabrera proceeded to go 0 for his next 14, and left countless BlueDucks on the pond (so witty).

On Friday, Cabrera went 0 for 4 with a strikeout, and then went out and got hammered, allegedly with a player from the White Sox (I don’t mind players hanging out with the enemy, you don’t pick your friends).  There are a few issues here.  First and foremost, Cabrera came home and got in some kind of domestic dispute with his wife.  She called the cops and they took the big 26-year old to the station.  There were no real injuries except for a few scratches, but Miggy, we don’t hit girls.

The second issue, probably more important to Tiger’s fans, is the fact that Cabrera’s team could have clinched with a win on Saturday.  Instead, they were all baffled by Freddy Garcia.  It was a 7PM game, but Miguel was taken to the station at 6AM.  Rough day, but nothing sobers you up like a trip to the old barracks.

Miguel went 0 for 4 Saturday.  When asked about the scratches on his face Sunday, Cabrera said, “I’m focused on one thing, the game.”  he went 0 for 3 in their final game of the season.  Luckily the Tigers were sober enough to take that one, though, and Miggy gets a shot at redemption at the Metrodome.