Blue Duck’s Athlete of the Week

May 21, 2009

Brett Gardner

Keep you hat on Brett, you got a misshaped head.

Keep your hat on Brett, "you got a misshaped head."

He has lost his starting job with the Yankees, he may be hitting .244, and he may only have 8 rbi’s in 82 ab’s, but Brett Gardner pulled some legendary miracle shit last Friday with an inside the park home run.  Gardner had only one career HR coming into the game (2 nights before), but was guaranteed a homer from a young girl he visited at the hospital.

The “miracle shit” stuff  is even more impressive when you consider that Gardner didn’t even start the game.  He came in after Johnny Damon was tossed following two strikeouts including one on an outside pitch in the right hand batter’s box.

Brett then came up in the 7th and hit a little flair down the 3rd base line.  The ball had so much spin on it that it evaded Denard Span and rolled to the left field corner.  Without a hat Gardner looks like an alien, by the way.  Despite his dome, he got around for the inside the parker.

Blue Duck Athlete of the Week getting duped by toolbag Joe Mauer

Blue Duck Athlete of the Week got duped by toolbag Joe Mauer

He would’ve been even more the Athlete of the Week if he scored on a mad dash to home against the Twins Sunday.  Apparently Gardner watched Major League on Saturday night, and thought Francsico Cervelli was Jake Taylor and he was Willie Mays Hayes.  It was pretty damn exciting, though, even though our athlete of the week was injured in the process by prettyboy Joe Mauer.